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Performers & Presenters

Eventbrite - Expand The Love Music and Arts Festival 2012

Live World Music   |   HERE II HERE   |   Teri Catlin Band   |   Elastic Bond   |   A-Tribe   |   Aleph w EuGenius SOL and Ganesha   |   Dusthead and the Creation of Constellations  |  Signal Down   |   Rhythm Flow   |   Empress Addi

Unique Elements   |   Prayerdanse with Rachel Levy   |   Wisdom Circle   |   Equinox Ceremony with Will I Am   |   Jenny Z Hoops   |   Happy Z   |   Flow Arts w Debby Carrigan, Heather Phoi & Casandra Tanenbaum  |  Drumming For Wellness with Jeff Deen   |   For the Love of Permaculture with Marcus Thomson   |   Radiant Child Yoga & Qigong with The Dream Fairy: Lisa Lumiere   |   Kid’s Activities with Playing the Game of Life   |   Goddess Dancers   |   Body Art by Keegan  |  Qigong with Greg Boster   |   Guided Meditation for Manifestation & Love Breath Session with Dashama Konah   |   SASA African Dancers   |   Dreams Bellydancers   |   Karmanandi

DJs   |  Okulus Anomali   |  Milky Da Milkman

LIVE Visionary Artists   |   Margaret Morales   |   Eva Ruiz   |   Braxton WithExpression   |   Reinier Gamboa   |   Sergio Torres

Yoga Masterflow Class  |  Terri Cooper of Yoga Gangsters  |  Keith Fox of YogaFox  |  Victoria Brunacci of Synergy  |  Ken Von Roenn of Skanda Yoga  |   Jason Lawner of Green Monkey  |  Ganesha of Kundalini Yoga Miami

Wisdom Circle   |   Happy Z   |   Rabbi Marc Labowitz   |   Dr Ram-Giri Braun   |   Here II Here

Hosted by: Val Silidker

Eventbrite - Expand The Love Music and Arts Festival 2012