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12:OOPMWelcomeDoors Open
12:30PMOpening CeremonyGong Meditation: Val Silidker, Eugene Gant & Ganesha
01:00PMYoga All-Star Masterflow ClassTerri Cooper from 305 Spiritual Gangsters, Keith Fox of YogaFox, Victoria Brunacci of Synergy, Ken Von Roenn of Skanda Yoga, and Jason Lawner
03:30PMSheng Zhen QigongGreg Boster
04:00PMDrumming For Wellness Jeffrey Deen *BRING DRUMS if you have them
05:00PMPrayerdanse Rachel Levy
08:00PMHere II HereLIve Music
09:30pmThe Goddess DancersPerformance Art
10:00PMElastic BondLive Music
11:30PMKarmanandiFlying Yoga Performance
12:00AMDusthead and the Creation of ConstellationsLive Music
01:00AMOkulus Anomali & Satchi OMDJ Set: Global Bass


03:15PMALEPH with EuGenius SOL & GaneshaLive Music
04:15PMSignal DownLive Music
05:30PMEmpress AddiLive Music
06:30PMWisdom CircleHappy Z, Rabbi Marc Labowitz, Dr Ram-Giri, Here II Here
07:00PMUNIFIED GLOBAL PEACE PRAYER Honoring the Earthdance Peace Prayer with over 350 cities world wide.
07:15PMEquinox Ceremony and CelebrationWill I Am, Drummers, Almaas of South Florida Bellydance Troupe from Goddess Store & Studio, SASA African Drummers/Dancers
08:00PMDrummingDrumming and Music Free Flow
09:00PMTeri Catlin BandLive Music
10pm: Dreams Bellydancers & Elemental Expressions
10:00PMDreams Bellydancers & Elemental ExpressionsBellyDancers and Fire Performance
10:30PMA-TribeLive Music
11:30PMAlonzo The Poet and Rio ChavarroPoetry
12:00AMRhythm FlowLive Music
01:00AMMilky Da MilkmanDJ - Downtempo

Kid’s Playshops

01:00PMRadiant Child Yoga and Qigong, Flying YogaThe Dream Fairy Lisa Lumiere, Jessica Stiehm and Aaron Erickson of Jai Healing Arts
3:00PMPlaying The Game of LifeKids Activities
3:00PMKids HoopsJenny Z
3:00-6:00PMFace/Body PaintingBody Art by Keegan

Courtyard Workshops

3:30pmPoi WorkshopGroovolution: Heather Phoi and Debby Carrigan
4:15pmHooping WorkshopHoops So Fly: Casandra Tanenbaum

Healing Arts Sanctuary, Meditation Space, Workshops

12:00pm to 3:00amMeditation/Community SpaceAltar and Meditation Space
2:00pm to 4:00pmHealersMassage and Energy Healers Available
4:00pmFor the Love of Permaculture WorkshopMarcus Thomson
5:00pmGuided Meditation for Manifestation and Love Breath SessionDashama Konah
8:00pm to 12:00amHealersMassage and Energy Healers Available